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Cute & Simple: Hair Accessory Chaos

If you are a parent of little girls who have hair–long or short, then you are probably all too familiar with the hair accessory chaos.  It has taken over my home and car…and sometimes even my bread drawer!  In fact, just today I retrieved two teeny-tiny hair clips that were wedged into the cupholder of my Honda (along with a plastic ring and a Squinkies bubble).  Sigh….

My first suggestion to  my daughter was, “Maybe it’s time to get your hair cut?” 

“Noooo!!!” She screamed as she grabbed her head, cradling it between her hands as though the volume of my request was too loud (not the case–it was her displeasure of the prospect of a haircut that was too loud). 

“Okay,” I sighed.  “Then we need to do something about this hair junk being left all over the house.  I am tired of picking it up.” 

She agreed, but she didnt’t really help. 

At least not until recently.  Not until she saw how cute and simple it was. 

When I was perusing the aisles at my favorite store (if you’re thinking what I’m thinking, then  you are right on “target”), I picked the brian of a the kind associate in the home organization area. 

“I am looking for something to organize all of my daughter’s hair stuff.  It’s taking over the house.   I need something to pop in a bathroom drawer…do you have any ideas?” 

She nodded and led me to a couple of options.  I picked them up, inspected them, noted the price and said, “Okay, I think this will do.  Thanks!”  Then I paused.  “You know, I guess I was hoping for something with even smaller compartments.” 

The woman didn’t really have a specific product in mind, but she did suggest I go to the kitchen section and see if I could find anything there.  I did–Ta-da!  For $1.99 I found the perfect solution to the-narrow-bathroom-drawer-hair-accessory-organizer-dilemmma. 

I had to play around with a few other ideas in the girl’s bathroom to make it all work–after all, we have headbands, and clippy bows, and other accucrements to deal with.–maybe our solutions will help with your hair accessory chaos! 

Good luck and happy weekend!

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  1. i have ribbons over her doors, and use a clear shoe thing for other hair stuff.

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