Apraxia Monday
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Apraxia Monday: Teri Peterson, CCC-SLP on TwinCities FOX

I am happy to present Teri K. Peterson, CCC-SLP from Brainerd, Minnesota as she talks about speech delays, disorders, and “just normal,” on Twincities FOX this past Saturday, May 14th.  

Ms. Peterson is one of the six reviewers who looked over my manuscript, “Speaking of Apraxia: A Parent’s Guide to Understanding and Coping with Childhood Apraxia of Speech,” (a forthcoming book published by Woodbine House). In addition, she has been a pediatric speech pathologist for over 24 years, with a great interest in apraxia.  She has written a book for parents to use with their children entitled, “The Big Book of Exclamations!”  I love the colorful and whimsical illustrations.  Ms. Peterson and I first met at the CASANA national conference held in St. Charles, Illinois in 2009. 

As my 4-year old would say, “sit back and enjoy the show.”  (I hope this link at the bottom of the page gets you there…if not I will have to tweak later, gotta run to the pediatrician’s office!)

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