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Cute & Simple: A bus driver surprise

As a parent of a full-day kindergartner, I was a bit apprehensive about plopping my first-born on a big yellow bus.  But that all changed when I got to know Ms. Jayne, the bus driver.  Calling us ahead of time–in the days leading up to the first day of school–leaving a detailed message about how she was excited to be my daughter’s bus driver, the time and location of pick-up, as well as giving us her cell phone number, my anxieties eased. 

Ms. Jayne is always friendly, right on time, (waits a minute if we are lagging behind), and almost always has a smile on her face.  She has been patient and kind with kids who aren’t always patient and kind.  She gets to know the kids on her route, the names of their parents (and younger siblings!), and she even rescues left-behind items–a shoe, a jacket, a scarf…”Is this Kate’s?!” she’ll say to me as she dangles a hair accessory out the bus door. 

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So, it’s no surprise that we had to do something to thank Ms. Jayne for her year-round service to our kiddos.  Several of us parents in the neighborhood got our kiddos together yesterday afternoon to make a little art for an end-of-year gift for Ms. Jayne.  The overall vision is personalized notes cards for Ms. Jayne to send out to friends and family…‘From the desk of Ms. Jayne.’ 

  • Kids create bus-themed art from stickers, stamps, crayons, markers, real photos (multi-media).
  • Parents run the “originals” through a color copier (making several copies of the “originals”)
  • Trim and adhere the copies to cardstock (or pre-cut ‘desiogn-your-own-greeting-cards’)
  •  Add some embellishments like stickers, ribbon, etc.
  • Add envelopes
  • Secure with a bow

Since my own daughter (gasp!) didn’t really cooperate in the art process of the project (she was too busy showing off her step-dance shoes and tunnel/tent system), I am having her make a bus-themed collage and popping it into a 12×12 scrapbook frame (one I already had at home).  I plan to purchase 12×12 bus-themed scrapbook paper for the background.  This will give Ms. Jayne a variety of end-of-the-year gifts to display in her home or office. 

Cute and simple.  What will you do to support and acknowledge your child’s bus driver?!


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