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Write on, Wednesday! Cleaning Up Creativity

I was in my electronic “junk” mail just moments ago.  And while I had plans to write on another topic today, I just had to write about junk email and how it just might help your creativity. 

Here’s an example of some 338 junk message subject lines that came my way:

  • Increase your gas mileage
  • Increase your manhood
  • Find an apartment
  • Free cigars
  • (I am not a guy, FYI)
  • Find a perfect handbag
  • 1 FREE month of groceries from Wal*Mart
  • Be naughty
  • An old friend is searching for you
  • FREE tickets to Six Flags

And so….what if you take one of these junk emails and create a story out of it? 

“An old friend is searching for ways to increase his manhood.  Oh, wait–nix that, he needs an apartment with a stash of free cigars.” 

“In her search for the perfect handbag, Clarice reaches inside the large plaid-lined leather bag only to find a slip of paper indicating she has won a whole month of free groceries.  It’s a good thing because her car has such bad gas mileage and she is only able to shop once a month, anyway.” 

Okay, so I won’t win the Pulitzer for either of those impromtu passages, but well…you get the idea. 

You could take just one of those junk messages and create an entire character or scene, even dialogue out of it. 

Who knew something as trivial and mundane as cleaning out your junk email could actually boost your creativity??!  Try today…write on, Wednesday!




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