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Cute & Simple: Fathers and Daughters

Just recently, I came across a new author and his book.  It’s perfect for Father’s Day, which is right around the corner.  Of course, I must share.

Kevin Renner, who wears many hats, but of late is best known as “father” and “author.”  Inspired by his book, “In Search of Fatherhood: A Mother Lode of Wisdom from the World of Daughterhood,” is his tip lists for fathers and daughters.   Each list presents 10 things a father can do to improve his relationship with his girls and vice versa for daughters to fathers.  I will shorten the list to 5 each, for the sake of space/time/and to keep your interest fresh.  If you like what Mr. Renner has to say, well then…you may just have to run out an buy the book : )

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  1. Everything you say communicates.  You knew that already.  But what you do communicates more.
  2. Retire now.  Not really.  But know that your daughter really needs you right now, while she’s young.
  3. Play catch, hang out, take her to your workshop in the garage.  Your daughter craves one-on-one time with you.  Have small rituals together like movie night or an early morning walk.
  4. Design your son-in-law.  “What?!  She’s only 6, you say”  Well, what kind of man do you want your daughter to fall in love with and marry?   You are, after all the first man she loves…don’t you want her happily-ever-after to be modeled by a good guy?!
  5. Search your soul.  If you’ve “screwed up,” why not make amends?  Apologize.  It may be hard, but she needs it.  So do you.


  1. If you’re a grown-up daughter, then get to know your father as a man.   Try to learn what shaped him, what his life’s disappointments were.
  2. Tell your dad you love him.  Doesn’t matter if you are “big” or “little,” he wants to know.  He wasnts to be admired, and thought special.  Let him have it.
  3. Hang out with your dad.  Just the two of you.  Take him to dinner or a moivie; let him know you still care even though you are “all grown up.”
  4. Come to terms with forgiveness.  You don’t have to “forgive,” but you don’t have to be angry, either.   If he sought your forgiveness, why not give it to him?
  5. Throw him a party.  Is a milestone birthday coming up?  Track down his friends and throw a bash in his honor.  He’ll be tickled pink.

“Love your writeup! Thanks…”

 —Kevin Renner | President | B2B Market  Strategies

Enjoy your weekend…and Happy Father’s Day!


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