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In My Brain Today: My Cranky Kid

By Leslie Lindsay

Back-to-school.  While it brings elated parents, new clothes, and supplies…it also brings cranky kids.  My 1st grader was excited to go back and so far, so good.  She likes school, she likes her teacher and really hasn’t grumbled too much about her “homework.”

But yet, there are still growing pains.  She has been increasingly cranky.  The crank-o-meter is rising…and the only thing I can figure is that she is coping poorly with some of the changes in routine.

Therefore, I have “lost it” at least twice and all within a 24-hour period.  (You’d think she would have learned, right?!)  Sigh.  I yelled at her.  Loudly.  It hurt my throat.  I kid you not.  I felt bad, of course.  But I couldn’t take it anymore.

Six years old is sassy.  Six year old girls think they know everything, think they are the boss, show little respect for anyone or anything…and well, I was just fed up.  I pulled her arm, wrapping my fingers around her bony little shoulder and turned her around, “Look, I am the boss of the house.  You are not.  I will not tolerate you treating me–or anyone–like this!”  She cowered, she cried.

I wanted to, but didn’t.

In a few minutes, I approached her.  Apologies and hugs…tears and kleenex.  She was better.

Until this morning.  “I told you: I wanted waffles and not cereal!”  All of this on the heels of, “When  you are nice to others, they are generally nice back to you.”

I sent her to her room.  (after yelling, of course).  I feel terrible.  She cried.  She sulked.  She told me I was a bad mom.  I told her that I should be the one crying after she pulled that stunt.  I am the one who is a slave to my ungrateful children and all I get is reprimanded by my 6-year old.  She came back to the breakfast table and ate, still holding a grudge.

And then…well, then she was sweet and charming and overly cute.

I don’t know which is worse: cranky, ungrateful kid or syrupy sweet kid.  Can’t I just have something in the middle?

And that is what is in my brain today, Thursday September 1st 2011. 

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