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Cute & Simple: Back-to-School Photo Collage

By Leslie Lindsay

With kids, it seems everything marks a milestone.  So, why would going back-to-school be anything but?  This fall, we sent two back to school–one to her Pre-K class at a familiar faith-based educational institute and the other at a “new-to-us” elementary school: welcome to 1st grade.

And if you are anything like the other 200 million-billion parents out there sending their kids back to school this fall, chances are you’ve got yourself a fair number of photos marking the event.  Why not turn them into a photo collage and send cards to close family and friends?

It’s fun, it’s easy and it’s relatively cheap.  I printed 12 photo collages from Walgreens for about $5.00.  I added a blurb on the back that I created in Word, printed out, and affixed to the photo–names of teachers and schools, fall activities, etc. I even added some extra card stock around the photo itself, and by doing so, it increased the size from a 4×6 to a 5×7, which fit better into the 5×7 envelopes I had on hand.  We had some school-themed stickers lying about from previous projects, so I popped a couple on each and–viola–done!

What will you do to mark the new school year?  Happy weekend and happy crafting!

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