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A Little Literacy, Please: Updates

By Leslie Lindsay

I am not sure where the day went…well, okay–I do.  It started bright and early on this crisp, almost-fall-but-not-quite Tuesday.  Yesterday was Labor Day and I am feeling like it’s Monday, sooo…forgive me for being a little “off.”  (Though some of you may beg to differ that I am always a little off)!

Crazy morning getting kids off to school with at least one meltdown by Kid #2 who is usually a saint, but today decided to change places with Kid #1’s morning-o-drama.  Kid #1 dropped off at school, #2 to pre-K (across town), book revisions, appointment for mom, quick bite while I completed more revisions in the minivan as I mooched off of the FedEx Store’s Internet, pre-K pick-up followed by Target Tuesday, home to unload Target goodies, flip through mail, “kid-swap” so I could run to the OB for the lovely annual exam (ugh)…uh, too much information??!  Home to prepare dinner and cram in a little 1st grade homework before I had to dash off to Cirriculum Nite.  Of course, I had a little help with all of this: my hubby did the homework showdown with Kid #1 and I just gave a few gentle reminders.  He also entertained them at the park while I was learning all about PTA and Everyday Math.


And now, well…now I’ve just got to get this Shutterfly album made before my coupon expires. 

So, that’s my sorry excuse for not having a better blog today. But, I promise they are coming.  This week…being back-to-school for all and most kids, I will be hosting a little blog give-a-way.  So, please stay tuned.  I also have some good tips on creating a picture schedule for you (and your kids) to follow on a daily basis (that will be Friday).

Other suggestions of late have been:

  • What’s the editing process like for my book?  I’ll tell ya in tomorrow’s Write On, Wednesday!
  • How do I navigate the public library?  How can I get the most of it for my kids?  So, a library tutorial is in the works.
  • “Be a Bucket Filler” is the motto for my daughter’s school this year.  What does that mean?  And yep, there’s a book to go with that.  I’ll be sharing that next week in the new series, “The Teacher is Talking Tuesdays”
  • Finally, Apraxia is never far from my mind.  Want to join us for the fall Small Talk: All About Apraxia?!  It’s FREE and held in Suburban Chicago…Naperville, to be exact.  Contact me to place your name on the interest list!  leslie_lindsay@hotmail.com




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