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Fiesta Friday:

By Leslie Lindsay

Welcome to Friday!!  Hooray–I don’t know about you, but’s it’s been one. long. week.  Today marks the beginning of a new column, “Fiesta Friday,” in which I will present some fun, simple, and timely ideas for getting you through the busy fall months of celebration.

So…here’s a little something to whet your pallet:

  • It may be time to start “stocking up” on stocking stuffers.  I know…the leaves are still on the trees and the temps are pretty mild, but when you see something while you are out and about, why not grab it and stuff it into your stocking pile?  Here’s a tip:  when ordering books on Amazon and you don’t have quite enough in your “shopping  bag” to qualify for free shipping, enter “stickers” into the search field and you’ll find some great trinkets for the kids at remarkably low prices.  I just ordered a soccer sticker book and Irish step dancing sticker book, each for $1.50 and done–free shipping and a start to holiday shopping.
  • Start thinking about your holiday photo card now.  A great fall photo of the family works great, so do cute beach scenes.  Why not order them now and get that item ticked off your to-do list?   A refreshing take on the traditional holiday card is sending a “Happy New Year” or “Happy Winter” card come the first of the year when the mail box is less full.
  • While you’re at it, you may be interested in ordering/designing some holiday thank-you cards.  You know you’re gonna get and give things this season, so why not get a jump on the appreciation piece?  You can create your own high-quality stationery at American Stationery www.americanstationery.com/catalog.  I love the DYO correspondence cards and notes.  You get your choice of font, color, design (everything from shells to snowflakes), and paper color (white or ivory).  You can even save time by having your envelopes engraved–for a fee–but it may be well worth it.  Use this promotional code to get $15 off your order of $75+ Enter Promo Code 94106 now through 10.4.11.  Order a little something for your kids, too.  It’s important to start those correspondence skills early–and get into the habit writing thank-you cards.

Happy weekend! 

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