Apraxia Monday
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Apraxia Monday: The Walk is Coming!

By Leslie Lindsay

I cannot believe we are in the first week of October!!  Where does the time go!?!  The good thing is, I happen to adore October.  Just hope it lasts…because here in the Windy City, I know what comes after fall:  the frozen tundra.

But October not only marks my favorite month, it also marks the 3rd Annual Chicagoland Apraxia Walk.  Now, let me explain:  I have never walked before.  Ooops–let me clarify:  I have never walked in the apraxia walk.  There.  Not for lack of want, but for lack of time.  This year, I registered for the walk well in advance so that no other things would pop up on my calendar for Saturday, October 15th.  (Shameless plug).

Here’s what else I am thinking….the walk should be a ton of fun, a whole day event filled with games, food, kids, goody bags, prizes, vendors, and balloons.  (It’s always a celebration when balloons and food are part of the picture, right?!).  So, I am taking my family and our voices to Ty Warner Park in….where is it??!  Lisle?  I will have to look into the specifics.

I hope you can come, too.  I hope you can help our children with apraxia unlock their voices, because these kiddos have got a lot to say!

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