Fiesta Fridays
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Fiesta Friday: ‘Tis the Season for Family Photography

By Leslie Lindsay

You may be thinking it’s time to get the kids in their holiday best and snap a photo or two…or at least get them to wear something other than the noon-time meal.  Maybe you’ve been meaning to get a family photo done for years…at least since kid #4 came a long.  Or maybe you just want to pause time and capture the cheesy grins and cherubic smiles of your little angels, because you know it won’t last forever.

Then it is time to *snap* up a good photographer–and have I got one to brag a about! 

You see, it all started innocently enough…I wanted some fun, fall photos of my kids (and hubby) in the fall foliage.  I wasn’t happy with the do-it-yourself variety of using our point-and-shoot digital camera and an ancient tripod (not that it really matters if the tripod is old, uh…just makes for a better story).  The results were ho-hum, and it was challenging to get both kids to look cute and to look at the camera at the same time.

Enter Rachel Larson.  Mom by day, photographer by freelance…Rachel has got it goin’ on when it comes to her camera, “Purchasing my awesome camera two years ago was a big deal for me,” she shares about the camera she wears slung around her neck, but mostly in her hands.  Sure, the camera is impressive.  It’s bigger than my cell phone (which also captures images), and has more gadgets and gizmos than I ever imagined, “Sometimes, all of the money from one photo session goes right back into the camera…a part or a lens, you know…” she shrugs.  Not that Rachel seems to mind.  She does love photography, which she claims started out as a hobby.

“I look at the world around me and visualize how it could look as a photo, even if I don’t have a camera with me. I am always looking for interesting and scenic spots that would work for photo shoots. Although this is turning into a small business the most rewarding part of taking pictures is not monetary, it is knowing that my photos are hanging up in someone’s house and that I was able to ‘capture’ time for them.”  Well Rachel Larson, several of yours are hanging in my house and sitting pretty in a box all ready to go for my holiday cards.

Not only does Rachel  capture memories for now–for display, for giving but she also shares the timeless value of family photos, “Photos can be passed down for years and years, for other generations to see. How neat is that. . I have a knack for photography and now I get to share it with others!”

Right now:
Holiday Family sessions are $50 and that includes a gallery of edited photos that can be purchased without a markup from my professional website ($2 8×10, 20 cents for a 4×6) I will put holiday cards together for a small fee.
Other info.
Rachel Larson (630) 308-0697  and “like” me on FB under Rachel Larson {Freelance Photographer}  not to be confused with the other Rachel Larson photographer out there!

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