The Teacher is Talking
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The Teacher is Talking Tuesday: Back at it….

By Leslie Lindsay

If you are like me, you sent your little nuggets back to school after winter break this morning.  Was it a welcome relief?  Did you sit in peace and quiet cradling your mug of coffee or tea while you stared out the kitchen window wondering what on earth you’d do while your little cherubs were off at school all day?

Ah, but if you are like me you have about 501-million things you want to do.  Or need to do.  (Alas, I am not completely alone as I have the endearing company of an almost-5 year old redhead girl and a 10 year old basset at my feet).  There is no wondering about what to do today.  We are back at it…back to routine, back to school, back to structure and I must say, I am glad to be back.

Even my 1st grader was ready.  When the second episode of “Curious George” popped on around 8:10am, she hurried me along (for a change), “C’mon, mom!  It’s the second episode.  Hustle!”   Okay, okay…I had said, while wiping down the counter and tossing her lunch bag at her.

She had even gotten her shoes, coat, scarf, hat, and mittens on all without any prompts.  Impressive.  She lumbered up the steps where I was getting her sister ready for the day, “I cannot wait anymore.  I am ready.  Let’s go!”

I wonder about our children’s teachers.  Are they ready for the influx of kiddos and craziness?  I bet some are.  In fact, before Kate left for winter break, us parents received an email from her teacher, “Things will be different in 1st grade after break.  You may want to start talking to your kids about this.  Oh, and here are all 50 spelling words for the first half of the year.  Students will need to know them on sight and will have a test over all of them,” or something along those lines.  Spelling will become more stringent.  Inventive spelling…not so much.” (or something along those lines).

We took our role seriously.  At least Nana and Papa did.  They quizzed Kate over all of these words several times, having her write them out and practice saying them.  She’s  got it down, I believe.

But I know these are the “easy” days of raising an elementary school student.  Each year it gets harder and after each break, a new beginning.

And for that, I am ready to get back at it. 

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