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New Year New You: Busting Out

By Leslie Lindsay

If you think this post is going to be about bras or busts, you are not correct.  If you think this post is going to be about shaking up your routine, then you would be on the right track.

The winter doldrums may be setting in right about now–or maybe–they have been there a for a few weeks already.  It’s true, there is something about this time of year that makes us feel a little–well, bland.  But the key is to not let it get to  you!  Here are a few tios to bust out of that funk:

  • Always have something to look forward to.  This was advice given to us as newlyweds some years back by a good friend–a physician–who passed away in his 50’s from cancer.  It’s age-old advice not only applies to newlyweds and relationships, but it applies to life in general.  When we have something to look forward to, there is a little spring in our step, a little project brewing, the ideas are circulating.  It’s good for us.
  • Find something you are passionate about.  Really passionate.  It could be reading a favorite author or Zumba dancing.  It may be perfecting your cupcake recipe.  Maybe it’s basset hounds?  Whatever it is, find and cultivate it.
  • Now, take that passionate interest and find an outlet for it.  Could you bake up some scrumptious cupcakes for the next bake sale?  Volunteer at the basset rescue center?  Donate your time and talents at the local arboretum?
  • Try something new.  I am not talking about a new food here…(although I suppose that could work).  But how about a new way of planning your time?  Your daily schedule could use a re-boot, could it not?  Instead of exercising in the morning as you have done for years and years, try it in the late afternoon.  It just may give you more energy or more sound sleep (provided you complete  your work-out about 3 hours prior to going to bed).  Check out a new restaurant–one you have never been to before but always wanted to try.  Drive home a new way.  Shop at a different grocery story.  Simple changes can add up to big experiences.
  • Organize something.  Start small.  Maybe it’s the junk drawer in the kitchen we all have.  Toss and re-purpose.  Then move into something bigger, the kitchen cabinets–all of them–and see how that feels.  Maybe  you could take some things to Good Will or a resale shop?
  • Decorate something.  Some corner of your home driving you bonkers?  We all have them.  Find the one at your house and get started.  For us, it’s the guest room.  Even a new coat of paint will wake up your walls.  What’s the worst that can happen?  You have to repaint it because you hate it and you’re out a few bucks for paint.

Trust me, try a couple of these ideas and you’re sure to bust out of your winter blahs! 

Happy Weekend!!


    • Hi Nicole!! Thanks for connecting. Glad to hear you feel inspired. CAS can be challenging at times for all–so a little hope and inspiration can go a long way. Best to you and your son. Be sure to check out my upcoming book, “Speaking of Apraxia.”

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