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Frisky Friday: Happily Ever After, a Quiz

By Leslie Lindsay

Fridays are reserved for letting loose and kicking it up a notch, right?  While the last several months of blogs have had a Friday theme (Fiesta Fridays–preparing for the fall holidays, The Ho-Ho-Ho Down–Christmas, and then New Year, New You), I thought we’d stick with the theme and go with a new one, complete with alliteration: Feelin’ Frisky on Friday.  It goes well with it being the month of love, too.

Now, the ironic thing about Friday is you probably don’t have the energy to feel frisky, yes?  After a long school/work week we grown-ups often don’t have much left to muster when it comes to–ahem–the bedroom.  As parents, it seems we may need a little prompting when it comes to these things.  After all, our lives have be re-dedicated to the caring of our kiddos.

Here’s our first installment of Frisky Friday–a study summary of 2,000 happily married couples in the form of a quiz. 

How often do you think happy couples “should”…. :

  1. Kiss

a) 1-2 times/day

b) 9 times a week

c) 6 times a week

2.  Go on a vacation together

a) Once a year

b) Never, unless it was the Honeymoon

c) Twice a year

3.  Take short breaks away from one another

a) Twice a year

b) As often as possible

c)  Never, it’s imporant to share lifes’ events together

 4.  Say “I love you”

a) 9 times within a 14-day period

b)  Daily, at least once

c)  anytime you feel like it

5.  Cuddle

a)  Daily

b)  11 times in a 14-day period

c)   Only if considered foreplay

7.  Have sex

a)  Twice a day

b) Twice a week

c)  8 times every 14 days

8.  Have deep and meaningful conversation

a)  Once a month

b)  Twice a week

c)  Only on your anniversary

9.  Have dinner out

a)  Once in a blue moon

b)  Three nights a month

c)  Three nights a week

10.  Drinks out

a)  Three days within every 14 day period

b)   When celebrating something like a birthday or anniversary

c)  Three days a month

11.  A healthy argument

a)  Rarely–if at all

b)  Once a week

c)  Once a month

12.  Boys/Girls Night out without partner

a)  Once a month

b)  Once every 3 weeks

c)  2-3 times a month

13.  Surprise romantic gestures

a)  When you feel like it

b)  Only on special occassions like anniversaries, promotions, or Valentines Day

c)  Three times a month

14.  Movie Nights at home

a)  5 times within a 14-day period

b)  5 times a month

c)  3 times in 5 weeks

The study also reveals that partners in a marriage also be friends, be kind, turn a blind eye to your partner’s irritating habits, know when to say sorry, accept each other’s faults, and Nnever go to bed on an argument….all of those things your grandmother told you about!

Answers to quiz:  1-b, 2-c, 3-a, 4-a, 5-b,6-b, 7-b,8-b ,9-c, 10-b, 11-c, 12-c, 13-c, 14-b

(These questions were developed with inspiration from “New Secrets of ‘Happily Married’ Couples Revealed: 2 Vacations a Year, 11 Cuddles a Fortnight*” by Sanskrity Sinha at http://www.ibtimes.com/articles/290952/20120201/new-secrets-happily-married-couples-revealed-2.htm  *a fortnight is every 14 days)

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