Apraxia Monday
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Apraxia Monday: Hugh Laurie

By Leslie Lindsay

Let it be no secret that I have a Hollywood crush on the good doctor who likes to play bad.  Yes, it is true–the complex and wickedly clever Dr. Gregory House has given me a little something to look forward to Monday nights.  I don’t know if it’s the character he plays that I like or his real-life persona.  I actually think it’s a little of both: a wonderful combination of the medical meets musical.  I don’t know, but this fictional guy I have created has definitely tugged at my heartstrings.


So, what does this have to do with Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS)?!  Ha.  Well…hummm…  Here’s what I would like to have it to do with CAS:

Dr. House is wearing a gray tee-shirt, stethoscope draped around his neck, black backgroud.  He says, “Childhood Apraxia of Speech…let’s give these kids a voice.”  And that’s it.  It was like a “More You Know” PSA.  And it was a dream.  Definitely a dream.

But it got me thinking…I wonder if somehow I could contact FOX and ask if “House, M.D”. could feature a kiddo with CAS?  It would definitely be one way to get the word out, right?  Maybe Hugh Laurie could do a little blurb like the one I dreamed about?  Maybe they could just give me a free tee-shirt to exercise in?!

By-the-way, I was really planning to blog about something else, a little more relevant to CAS, but  this just had to be shared.  Next week, I’ll start posting excerpts from my book, beginning at chapter 1.

Leslie Lindsay is the author of the first-ever book for parents by a parent specifically on childhood apraxia of speech (CAS).  Speaking of Apraxia: A Parent’s Guide to CAS is now available for pre-order at Woodbine House at an introductory price–a savings of $5.  Get your copy today!  www.woodbinehouse.com Find Speaking of Apraxia on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Speaking-of-Apraxia-A-Parents-Guide-to-Childhood-Apraxia-of-Speech/235772599837084?ref=tn_tnmn


  1. mandy cooley says

    I love your idea! When we were in the early stages of learning what my DS was dealing with, my girlfriends and I always said, “If only we could see House! He would know.” Hilarious, that you brought this up! Let me know if you want another vote for the CAS on House :).

    • Thanks for your support, Mandy!! I know…Dr. House *would* know. Alas the show is in it’s final season now…finale will be in May : (

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