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Write on Wednesday: Give me a Publicist!!

By Leslie Lindsay

Be careful what you ask for: you just may get it.  I have wanted to be a writer all my life.  Or, more like the writer in me has been trying to get all out all of my life!  It finally has broken free.  And with that you’d think I would be walking on air, alas I am not.  I feel stuck, stagnant, and a little bit crazy.

Let me explain.  It’s hard work being a writer.  You have deadlines, you have life. You have ideas and creativity that hit you out of the blue.  At inopportune times.  At the mall.  With your in-laws (and outlaws.  In the car.  In the school pick-up line.  You get emails all the time.  You can’t respond to them like you want to.  Your kids want your attention, and your hound wants a walk but  you must stick your nose in that stupid laptop once again.

And then you realize you are more than a writer.  You also need to wear the “publicist” hat, and the “stylist” hat (what will I wear to the book launch party??!).  I know, I sound whiny and ungrateful.  I have a book coming out next month and I am complianing about what to wear?  I am complaining about not having time to write because I must go dress shopping!  Deep breath.  No, it’s not that I am ungrateful.  It’s just that I am tired.  And stressed.

I need a stylist. I need a publicist.  I need a break.

Be careful of what you ask for:  you just may get it.

Write on, Wednesday!

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