The Emerald Isle
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The Emerald Isle: All Things Green and Small

By Leslie Lindsay

It’s the month we celebrate all things green and little.  As in leprecahns and four-leaf clovers and emeralds.  Or, peas.  Or endamane.  And perhapsps even Thin Mints.  Though they aren’t really green.  They just “taste” that way–but they do come in that iconic green box.

What’s that you say?!  Oh?  You’re not Irish.  Well…who cares because this month, we’re all Irish!  In fact, I recall as a kid my parents didn’t really support the whole “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” thing either.  It was always “we’re a little of everything.  There’s no way to tell that we’re really Irish, anyway.”  True, I grew up with an un-Irish last name and always believed I was of German/Austrian ancestry.  But, as time went on I learned that we are, indeed Irish.  It comes from my mother’s side (and maybe dad’s side if we ever got the the bottom of that surname change way back when.  I think we may have derived from the McLean clan, but who really knows?!)

The thing is, I’ve got two redheaded children to “prove” my celtic ancestry.  (Actually, red hair may  also come from the German side of my family, too).  But, in all fairness (and we are fair), I think it’s a safe bet to say that there’s a wee-bit Lassie to me as well.

Each Friday this month, we’re going to discuss all things Ireland:  How about some Irish step dancing?  Guiness beer?  Red hair?  Four-leaf clovers?  Leprecahns?  Rainbows?  Potato Soup?I don’t know…let’s see what else we can come up with!

Stay tuned and Top O’ the weekend!

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