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In My Brain Today: The Salt Cave

By Leslie Lindsay

I have this friend who seems to “get” the relaxation thing.  I think we have a little something in common:  I need to relax and she knows where to go to get the job done.  Just last week, she invited me to join her at “The Salt Cave.”  The what?! I wanted to know.  I shook my head and sort of rolled my eyes, a bit dismissive of the idea.  (You find it all here in this area of Chicagoland, so I guess I am not too surprised).

While I didn’t dismiss it altogether–afterall, I am sort of “into” alternative living in that I am a vegetarian (I eat tofu, yes), I practice yoga, and get accupuncture done from time to time.  Okay…I may be interested.  How can I decline a moment of relaxation?

And so I went to the Himalayan Salt Cave.  And I loved it.  It was very…uh, relaxing, just like it was supposed to be.  But just what is this elemental escape?!

  • A darkened room with no outside light
  • Calm, relaxing musical sounds like rolling ocean waves, and wind chimes–almost so subtle you hardly notice it.
  • A lounge chair (I think they have a special name, not recalling it)
  • Salt sprinkled on the floor in a sort of “sandy beach” manner.
  • No talking, no cell phones, no reading.  Nothing.  But you are dressed.  It is not steamy or too hot (the temp that day, a cozy 76).  Some folks even brought blankets.  I will, too next time (yes, there will be a next time).
  • The concept is that the salt’s natural negative ions help ease various ailments.
  • You sit and breathe in all of this “good air” and walk out feeling good…

Here’s some more info on the salt cave experience:

As for now, I think I will roll in some salt like my hound rolls in the grass! 

 And that is what is in my brain today, Thursday, April 5th 2012. 

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