Apraxia Monday
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Apraxia Monday: The book has launched

By Leslie Lindsay

It’s been a long time coming.  Close to 4 years, in fact.  I set out to write a book–albeit–a bit relunctly at first on a topic very unfamiliar to me: childhood apraxia of speech (CAS, or just “apraxia”).  When my daughter was just 2 years, 6 months old we were puzzled as to why she wasn’t talking like all of the other children her age.  She was quiet.  She was sweet.  She was smart.  So, why would something as simple as talking be such a challenging feat for my little sprite?

Sure, we understood most of what she needed–a grunt here, a gesture there, a soulful stare.  We knew when she needed to be held, when she wanted a snack or a drink.  But we never actually heard her say, “I’m hungry” till much later than typical.

When my daughter was diagnosed with CAS in 2007, I had no idea what it was, let alone how I could help my daughter.  Well….fast-forward 5 years and I sure know a heck of a lot more now that I did before!  (Maybe more than I bargained for…and probably still not enough of this neurologically-based speech disorder).

This past weekend, we “launched” my labor of love (no, my daughter is still safely tucked in her in 1st grade classroom).  But the book, “Speaking of Apraxia” that was written in her honor went out into the hands of other parents who are walking the same apraxia path we did.  It was like a little send-off for the book.  And in some ways, I am a little apprehensive.

Will it do okay out there in the big-wide world all alone?  Will it get into the hands of those who need it?  Will I need to send some care packages from time to time?  Yes…I suppose I will.  I will be back here at my trusty laptop pushing it forward and cheering it on.  I will be here to chart the course when the waters get a little choppy.

For my book has launched…but I will always be at the helm.

You may be interested in this review from Specialneeds.com just posted over the weekend: http://www.specialneeds.com/products-and-services/general-special-needs/book-review-speaking-apraxia

Copies of Speaking of Apraxia can be purchased through my publisher, Woodbine House (www.woodbinehouse.com), Amazon, and Barnes&Noble.

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  1. Your book came last week when I was at the beach, so I’m just now getting a chance to start reading it. First off, when I opened the package, I was shocked at how thick it was. Once I thumbed through it, I was also impressed at how thorough and well-written it seems to be. Wow! It’s amazing you created such an impressive piece of work in such a short time.

    Today I read Chapter 1, which cleared up a few questions I still, seven months after diagnosis had. And tonight I skipped to Chapter 9 – What You Can Do At Home. I got halfway through that chapter and wanted to take a moment to write to say, Thank You! I’ve spent endless hours on the internet researching this topic and your book is filling in so many blanks I had. I can’t wait to try some of these ideas at home … all new things that I have never been told or read about before. It will especially come in handy since summer is coming up soon.

    Thanks again for publishing such a comprehensive, useful book. It will be such a handy tool for all of us apraxia moms!

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