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In My Brain Today: The Kids Are Wearing Me Out!

By Leslie Lindsay

Today, we have an interview with Summer Sleuth and Worn Out Mom.  Summer Sleuth is on location chatting with Leslie Lindsay, mother of two (ages 5 and 7) in a southwestern ‘burb in the Chicagoland area.

Summer Sleuth:  The kids are home from school this summer.  What have you got planned?

Worn Out Mom:  We have a fun summer planned!  This week, the girls are in horseback riding camp for two hours.  Next week, it’s VBS at the old preschool.  The week after that, they go to Door County with their grandparents.  Later in July, we have Safety Town and art camp, plus some day camps at the YMCA. 

Summer Sleuth:  Sounds like you are really staying busy. 

Worn Out Mom:  Yes, we have to!  Without things to do, the girls go bonkers.  Then I do…which isn’t a pretty thing.

Summer Sleuth:  Tell us about a typical day for you all.

Worn Out Mom:   Well, it all starts with the early morning wake-up call from my oldest daughter (7 years).  She is an early riser. Really early.  It used to be that 7am was a “civilized hour” [for wake-up, established by me].  That is so over.  Now, it’s more like 5:30am.  Of couse, I am not into that.  She gets up and acts like a hooligan.  For example, this morning I was awoken at 6:12am when she told me she couldn’t find her [typically late-sleeping] sister.  She was in her bed all along.  Next, my shower is interrupted–the door was even closed–when my daughter demanded a [bottle of] sparkling tea be opened.  Hummm….let’s think about that…mom is in the shower!  Then, they were outside.  Outside!!  In their pajamas before 8am drawing with sidewalk chalk.  And wouldn’t come in when asked.  Then it was breakfast time…to which the oldest announced she wasn’t eating any because she already downed some Oreos!

Summer Sleuth:  All of that before breakfast?!

Worn Out Mom:  [Exasperated sigh] YES!!

Summer Sleuth:  What do you do? 

Worn Out Mom:  I lock ’em in their rooms and throw away the key…??!  [laughs].  No, seriously.  I take them to horseback riding camp.  Then I get a little breather while I sip coffee at Barnes & Noble. 

Summer Sleuth:  So, how did the morning end?  On a good note, I hope.

Worn Out Mom:  Well, my daughter told me she loved dad more than me.  [shrugs]. 

Summer Sleuth: Yikes.  How did you respond to that? 

Worn Out Mom: I told her the feeling is mutual.  No, not really.  I did the responsible thing and told her that I love her very much but I wasn’t a big fan of her behavior right now. 

Summer Sleuth:  And there you have it, parents who are worn out by summer already.  But to you in the studio…Chipper-Anchor-Woman-who-has-no-kids-and-looks-perfect.   

And that is what is in my brain today, Thursday June 14th 2012. 

[This “interview” for entertainment purposes only.]

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