Dads are Grand
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Dads are Grand: Father’s Day is Here!

By Leslie Lindsay

A young girl with her dad.

Okay moms, you’ve had a whole month or so to bask in reflected glory and now it’s time to let dad step in and take the spot-light.  Because, as we all know–dads do a lot (some more than others–and the same might be true of mothers, too). 

When it comes to dads–they are the first men our daughters will ever love.  And that’s a pretty important thing, right? (No pressure, right).  It makes me think about the John Mayer song, “Daughters.” 

Here are some ideas you can do this weekend to honor dear old dad:

  • Pull out all of the old photo albums and recall all of those touching moments.  We did this at our house earlier in the week.  I can still see the black & white photo of my hubby as he bent down to kiss the top of first-born’s head in the Baby Bjorn he was wearing. 
  • Write a funny article about dad in your own “newspaper.”  Present it to him on Sunday.
  • Gift dad with some time alone to go golfing or fishing…or whatever it is he likes to do
  • Wrap up a book by a favorite author, a music CD by a favorite artist, or another item like a shirt, tie or cologne.  (I know, kind of cliche but had to throw it in there!)
  • Take a family hike through the forest preserve or arboretum.  Be sure to pack a picnic.
  • Allow him the afternoon to watch “Battlestar Galactica,” drink beer, and ignore the rest of the family…. : ) 
  • Have the gang over for a BBQ and good times. 

So, what will you do this weekend to honor your husband/father? 

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