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Fiction Friday: Dream Lady

By Leslie Lindsay

 “Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing.”  –Marsha Norman

day dreamers - my-dream-is Photo(image retrieved from on 7.20.12, under “dream images”)

There is something so intrinsically intriguing about the dream world.  Here’s a little sampling of a novel that is floating around inside my brain.  It’s no where near fully formed…but someday, maybe in the next 10 years or so, you’ll see this book on the shelves. 

[Remember, this is an orginal work of fiction.  It is not intended to represent any individual–living or dead.  Please do not take this work as your own.  It is for entertainment purposes only].

“I don’t dream,” she tells me with utmost certainty, her long—nearly black—hair swinging from her shoulders.

I cock my head and furrow my brow.  Not dream?  How is that even possible?

Christine pops a piece of gum into her mouth, fingers the foil pack—which I notice is mostly empty.

“I guess I dream,” she corrects herself, “but I just don’t remember them.” 

I suck in a deep breath.  That’s better.  We all dream, some of us more vividly than others—some of us imparting clarity on our lives, delving deep into the souls of others even. 

Like me.

Okay–I guess I’m short and sweet today.  How would you like to see this story go?  I am thinking a nervous Nellie type of woman (Christine) who is looking to get her life in order.  She meets a dream interpreter/medium type person who helps her out…

Your feedback would be much appreciated.  Thanks!!


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