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In My Brain Today: Gettin’ Green Book Give-a-Way

By Leslie Lindsay

***Be sure to comment on this post to be considered for a FREE copy of the book!***

Growing up, I am sad to say that there wasn’t much in terms of living a greener life.  Sure, there were the “Don’t be a litterbug” signs plastered about, but the big movement of really transforming your life to a greener one really didn’t happen until much later. 

So, when I learned of this new book by Kim Cecchi, I was intrigued.  Getting Green Now:  Tips for a Greener Life Quick hit the shelves in February 2012.  Written by mom, environmentalist, and yoga instructor, you will find plenty of great–and quick–tips in this handy little book.  No worries about drastically changing the way you live, this book is peppered with really snappy little changes that you can adapt in a heartbeat. Product Details(image retrieved from Amazon on 8.2.12)

The book is simple to use.  It’s layed out in sections of your life from “green home” to “beauty” (also includes office, enviroment, recycling, green living).  Just flip to a section where you think you can do better and soak up the tips. 

Here are a few of them: 

  • Tip:  Buy milk in bottles if possible. Why?  Plastic and glass containers can be reused and recycled, waxy cartons cannot. 
  • Tip:  Clean the lint filter in your dryer after every use.  Why?  It conserves energy, saves cash, and reduces fire hazard.  Keeping it clean decreases energy use by 30%. 
  • Tip:  Get rid of ant traps.  Why?  They are poison.  Try hitting affected areas with vinegar (Kim’s favorite), lemon juice, baking soda, cinnamon, or coffee grounds. 

****I really could go on and on about all of the great tips in Getting Green Now, but I will save that for one lucky blog reader.  That’s right:  Kim has graciously agreed to give away a copy of her book.  All you have to do is respond with a quick comment on one thing you do in your life to be a little greener. ***** Good Luck!!

(added 8.3.12 at 6:30pm) Okay…contest is over…and the WINNER IS…Wachusette Region Recycles!  (your name was placed in a bucket and randomally drawn by my basset hound!).  Thanks for sharing your ideas for getting green, Tara A. and Amanda B.! 

(only comments that appear on the blog will be considered for the give-a-way.  You have till Friday, 8.3.12 at 5pm to submit your comment.  Book will be mailed to you at no charge.) 

Here’s mine:   I take home all of my paper and plastic cups that I receive my beverages in, including the coffee sleeve (sometimes I request NO coffee sleeve) and recycle them with my home recycling instead of tossing into the trashcan at the restaurant.  

You may appreciate this story from Scientific American,

And that is what is in my brain today, Thursday August 2nd 2012.


  1. Tara A says

    I also love cleaning with vinegar. I recently started using vodka in a spray bottle and really like it too. It is a wonderful non-toxic disinfectant for just about anything, including toys and highchairs. Great for soap scum, mold and mildew in the shower. Also leaves my stainless steel appliances streak free when I use it. I read that the cheaper the vodka the better it is for cleaning. I don’t even buy any “regular” cleaners any more.

    • Really?! Vodka…who would have thought? If kids chew on those newly washed-with-vodka-toys, do they get a little sloushed? : ) Thanks for the tips!

  2. Wachusett Region Recycling Resource says

    To help the community I live in, I created a WordPress blog (Wachusett Region Recycling Resource at about where people can recycle lots of items, like boat sails, sports equipment, prom dresses, rubber bands, wine corks, and tennis balls. It has helped me give new life to things I no longer need or want.

  3. Amanda Bebee says

    I started composting. I use a large coffee can in the house for coffee grounds, banana peels, etc and just take it out to the composter periodically. It also helps eliminate smells in the trash and/or garbage disposal…

    • Good thinking! Elimnating the stink in the kitchen trash is always a plus…now if I could take care of that dog poo smell in the garage trash can…

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