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Write On, Wednesday: Inspiration in all the Wrong Places

By Leslie LindsayKeep Calm Poster: Writing Inspiration (by TeddyAndTaft)(image  (by TeddyAndTaft)

We writers look for inspiration in just about everything we do–and everyplace we go.  So, it isn’t all that unusal that I am finding inspiration in all of the wrong places.  Let me explain:

Just this week, the latest Ballard Designs catalog landed in my mailbox.  I haven’t taken the time to flip through it till this morning.  There on page 8 of the catalog is a little ditty about first impressions (it has to do with your entryway/front porch).  Since my book opens with a knock on the door, this was perfect.  Also perfect is that my female character later declares that she is giving up her pharmaceutical sales rep career in favor of becoming a decorator.  I think I just may borrow and recreate a similar statement for my character as the one in the Ballard catalog.  See what I mean about inspiration?

And then last night, reading a book to my kids, I come across all kinds of great alliteration and onomatopoeias….skitter, scurry, skate, slitherthe book was sort of a t0ngue-twister about seeds and flowers no less, but hey–it stoked the ol’ creative brain/word bank. 

Finally, on the way to drop my kids off at day camp this morning, another inspiration when I looked up at the back of a home as I drove past–a tiny window on the third floor, beckoning an attic office.  I think I need to incorporate that in my prose somehow. 

You see…inspiration can come at you in all the wrong places…but it works!

Write on, Wednesday!

For more inspiration on onomatopoeias, see:


  1. Thanks for reminding me to keep my eyes and ears open at all times.

    It’s a little crass but yesterday I walked into a bathroom, the smell spawned an image of a ancient prison cell and yes that went into my idea journal, a short paragraph to encapsulate the idea I had.

    Strange places indeed.

    • Yes, indeed! Who would have thought Ballard Designs would have done it for me? Once there was a paint catalog that came thru and I totally related to the old, weathered look of a paint job and thought, “Hummmm, I could use that as a way to describe the old piece of furniture in the old house I am writing about!”

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