The Teacher is Talking
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The Teacher is Talking: Just a Second!

By Leslie Lindsay

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I find myself saying this to my own children, “Just a second!” I am sure you do it, too…”I’ll be with you in just a second…after I unload the dishwasher, or let the dog out…or finish writing this chapter” 

Just a second! 

Sorry, I needed to pet the hound.  And answer the phone. 

In fact, when I was a little girl my mother said the very same thing.  Only I would ask to have that time frame amended, “How about a minute, mom?  A second is just too long.”  She’d smirk at me and continue on with her sewing.  (Back then it was sewing, but for this momma–it’s writing). 

So here are a few things I have been stewing over related to this “hold on” business:

  • It teaches kids that they aren’t the center of your universe (they’re not?!  Sure seems that way sometimes)
  • It allows children to see that you have interests and things that need attending to that are beyond the home and childcare. 
  • When you tell your children to wait, try to be actively busy with something else, but stop long enough to look them in the eye.  (Don’t you hate having them yell at you from across the room?  Thought so). 

In the meantime, I found this really fun book, JUST A SECOND by Steve Jenkins Product Detailsthat would be a fun addition to any family/home library.  (image retrieved from 3.12.13).  Some trivia for you:   Does your child know that in just 1 second, a bumblebee flaps its wings 100 times and the earth travels 18.5 miles?  This non-fiction book will help your  child (and yourself) think about time in fascintating new ways.  Plus, you can teach your  children different ways to measure time.

[Disclaimer:  the author of this post has no personal or professional affiliation with the author or publisher of this book.  For your information only.]

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