In My Brain Today: My Shopping Problem

I have a bit of a problem: I like to shop.  A lot.  I have another problem:  I have two little girls whom I think are pretty darn cute.  But that’s just me ’cause I’m their mommy.

For some reason, it’s totally and impossibly fun to shop for girls (I am sure boys are fun, too–but I can only speak from the girl-perspective).  Here’s the deal–it’s like playing dolls again.  I can relive my childhood of selecting and putting tiny designer outfits on my tiny little dolls–my kids.  Of course, these “dolls” walk, talk, pee, and talk-back, but who cares?  It’s still fun.  Of course these girls of mine never have to worry that their butt looks too big, or the turtleneck “shows off” their double-chin. Their always perfect, always lithe childhood sillouettes are the best compliment to Gymboree or Gap styles.  Always.  So, it’s way more fun to shop for them than it is myself. 

The worst part of it all is that I keep getting coupons in the mail for all of my favorite children’s outfitters.  And I don’t want the cute stuff to be gone when I get there.  I have to go now.  It’s like a compulsion. 

It used to be that Gymboree was too expensive for what I thought were “cute things…but just too much.”  It seems they have changed–or perhaps it’s just me–their prices are much more resonable and their “collections” way more my style these days.  Last evening, I popped in the store just to browse and see what was out…of course I fell in love with the red and cocoa brown holiday-themed (but not overly so) uh…”collection” and couldn’t resist.  I also had a 30% off entire purchase  coupon burning a hole in my pocket.  Twenty minutes and a few deliberations later (and few dollars poorer) I was happily on my way out of the store with a sackful of adorable winter wear for my kiddos. 

Old Navy is another bit of a problem.  They have been running this 16th Annniversary (they’re calling it “birthday”) and kids shop free.  One for mommy–one for kid.  Ugh…problem.  Actually, I must say that I was quite “good” with this one.  I knew exactly what I wanted.  Black scarf for mom–>cream fleece vest for Kate.  Brown cord vest for mom–>warm owl jammies for Kelly.  One more thing that I can’t quite remember…oh yes, striped button down for mom–>warm birdie jams for Kelly.  Done.  All of that for $36.  Yay, deal!  Thanks, Old Navy. 

Carters, I love you but why do you make me spend so much money?  Since Carters has been around since the beginning of kid-dressing time, I have not really regarded them as a primo place to shop.  They are great for basics.  PJs, socks, undies, comfy-cozies.  But for some reason, I just have to breathe inside a Carters store and drop at least $20.  More like $100.  Even with those darn coupons for 20% off $40.  You see, if I was as disciplined as I try to be, I’d walk in and find $40 worth of merchandise, plop it down on the counter and pay only $32.  But it never works that way.  The girls needed warm jammies and since they were BOGO, they got snuggle bunny footed PJs, cupcake ones, and “mommy loves me” (yeah, ya think–with the $$ I spend on your wardrobe?!).  Winter hats and mittens also made it in our bag, as did a cute winter-y sweater in 5T (she can pass it down to Kelly next year because, “ya never wear out your Carters!”) 

The only other “problem” I have is which outfit to put them in first?  And should I buy matching outfits?  And why–why–don’t they make those monkey jammies in my size? 

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