In My Brain Today: Too Much!

I don’t know about you, but there are days I feel my head will just explode into tiny little pieces, like an ornament dropped on a hard surface.  This time of year can bring out the worst and the best in us all. 

I’m not really too overwhelmed…yet.  I just have  a lot of things “floating” around in my brain.  Like a juggler who has one too many balls in the air…but then again, isn’t that what a mom is for: juggling everything home and hearth? 

I could write and tell you that I can’t afford one more “good deal.”  Yes, there are lots of coupons and incentives out there to hit the stores and buy till your heart’s content and then do it again with another coupon for another store. But my money is running out–thank you, retailers. 

Or, I could  tell you that I feel completely guilty that I haven’t gotten down on the floor and played–actually played–and not just clean up–with my kids. 

Perhaps I could share that I just got a wonderful night’s sleep on a brand-new therapeutic mattress and I think it knocked an hour off my “required” sleep because it’s all about quality and not quantity. 

Or the fact that my little 31/2 year old is such a good friend to her little buddy–encouraging him to try the big slides and bouncies at “Monkey Joe’s” even though he was a bit apprehensive. 

I learned recently that exterior illumination is really an art and a science…connecting all of those cords and outlets and not getting shocked (which I did, briefly but I’m still alive). 

Finally, I hate the disorder that is happening in my mud/laundry room.  Scarves, hats, mittens, backpacks, coats…agh!  I am seriously re-thinking a new organizational system for that tiny little area that is the hub of everything domestic.  But what?! 

And that, my friends is what is in my brain today, Thursday December 2nd 2010. 

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