Cute & Simple: The 7 Gifts

You may have already purchased–even wrapped–your kids’ holiday gifts, but if you haven’t (and you’re feeling a bit panicked) you might like this formula.  I learned about this when I was in MOPS (Mothers with Preschoolers) back in Northfield, Minnesota. 

Each child in the family receives 7 gifts.  Each gift represents a “category” of one’s life…bear with me. 

1.  Gross motor: Bike, scooter, swimming lessons, hoola-hoop, Plasma Car, etc.

2.  Fine motor: paint-by-number, sticker mosaics, a game that requires small movements, etc.

3.  Intellectual:  Books, alaphabet/numbers, maps, other educational materials, etc.

4.  Social-emotional:  dolls, tea sets, a cooperative game, other items in which children work or problem solve together

5.  Spiritual: a children’s Bible, religious jewelry, etc.

6.  Something your child is passionate about: a hobby, an interest, a collectible, something unique to your child

7.  Something homemade:  This gift is something truly from the heart–a knitted sweater/scarf/hat, a shadow box for your child’s room, a photo album or scrapbook, a “book” in which you write a story about your child…your creativity is endless! 

And don’t forget something from Santa: Whatever is on that wish list…I am sure you know!

Also, don’t be afraid of “gifting” things like–a tickets to the Children’s Museum, admission at a Bouncy place with a friend, season pass to the Arboretum/Botanical Garden, classes at the Park District/Community Ed., zoo membership, etc.  They make super gifts for the kid or family who has “everything.”

Enjoy being crafty!  Happy Weekend. 

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