Apraxia Monday
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Apraxia Monday: Giving others a word…of thanks

When it comes time to show your appreciation for the folks in your child’s life, do you know just what to do?  If you are like most parents–you are running on fumes.  If you are the unusual super-parent, well then  you probably have already selected and wrapped your token of appreciation. 

Your child with apraxia has more than just a teacher to give a gift to this holiday season.  She also has a speech pathologist, perhaps an occupational therapist, an aide, or tutor.  Wow–that’s a lot of gift-giving.  What’s a parent to do?!

Here are some suggestions to stoke the fire:

  • A book.  Yes, the luxury of time to read it should accompany every book, but “time” is pretty hard to package. 
  • We’ve featured just a few on this website in the last month or so…Dee Fish, SLP’s book, “Here’s How to Treat Apraxia” (Pluaral, around $80) would be a fantastic gift for any SLP.  It’s a bit on the pricey side, so don’t feel pressured. 
  • A more managable price-range are the children’s books we’ve featured of late…”Speech Class Rules” by Ronda Wojcicki, SLP would make a great gift for the classroom, school library, school speech pathologist, or your private speech pathologist’s waiting room.  Teri Peterson SLP’s “The Big Book of Exclamations!” would be a super pick for an Early Intervention SLP, a preschool specializing in speech issues, or your private therapist’s office.

 Product Details  Product Details  Product Details

  • If you’d rather go for something other than a book, consider music!  Katie Eshleman–mom of a daughter with resolving CAS and music therapist has written and performed two CDs designed just for our little sweeties with apraxia–one is brand-new!  You can listen to samples and purchase from her Facebook page:
    • One mom friend of mine plans to give a large fruit basket to her daughter’s school, “That way, I won’t miss anyone!” You may also consider large cookie cakes, cookie bouquets, meat and cheese trays from retailers such as Hickory Farms or Harry & David, or perhaps a holiday flower arrangement.  

    • Other ideas–gift cards to Amazon.com, Starbucks, or a teacher’s supply store, or a catalog company that specializes in speech pathology products such as Super Duper, Inc. 
    • Today there are ornaments for nearly every occassion.  At our local mall, we have a small personalized ornament kiosk, www.ornaments.com .  While I don’t believe they have a speech-pathologist ornament, you can find one of a child and have it personalized with, “Thanks for giving me a voice, Ms. Sylvia [your SLP’s name]” along with the date.  It’s sure to be a gift your SLP will treasure for always.  Apraxia-Kids.org also has an ornament this holiday season.  There’s is something to the ilk of, “Every Child Deserves a Voice” and can be purchased through their website. 
    • Sometimes, just a heart-felt card along with some homebaked cookies will do wonders for the special people who help your little one each day with their words. 

    Enjoy this season of warmth, friendship, and generosity!


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