Organization 101
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Organization 101:

I’m feeling a bit unsettled today.  I don’t know what the deal is.  But I do know this: cleaning, organizing, and purging helps me calm that feeling of unsettled-ness. 

In fact, when I was a teenager and I would get one of those lovely days off of school…a snow day or a random holiday such as President’s Day, I would often spend it cleaning.  Yep, I guess you could say I was a quirky teenager.  There was something so calming and satisfying about scrubbing a bathroom and watching it gleam, or running the vacuum and seeing those beautifully detailed vacuum stripes running along the carpets.  I knew I had done something worthwhile, something I could sit back and say, “Oh wow–that looks great.  I did that.”  Of course, back in the day, I was jamming out to Boston or Journey or Prince before he (?) was a symbol. 

In fact, I can even remember thinking, “I hope when I grow up and married and have house, I will feel unsettled a lot so I will have a spic ‘n span house.”  Now, if that isn’t a twisted line of thinking, then I don’t know what is! 

Actually, I’m a pretty neat gal.  Things get cleaned, I like to organize and declutter and I do this on a fairly routine basis.  No overwhelming cleaning frenzy here.  But right now, I am embarrassed to say that my house is a little bit of a wreck. 

Or, perhaps it’s just my brain that feels like a wreck?!  I have ideas floating here and there, a project to complete, one to begin, a desk full of papers, a kitchen counter teaming with school notes and worksheets from my kindergartner, and wood shavings piling up around the fireplace. 

Any “good” at-home woman would just get off the darn computer and tackle it lickety-slit.   Then sit down and read book or watch a soap or play with her kids.  Not me.  I have to perseverate on it for a bit. 

Plus, writing about my mess actually makes me feel a bit better. 

Perhaps what I need to do is download some rockin’ songs to my iPod–say some vintage rock ‘n roll tunes, pop it into my stereo,  put on some sweats (who am I kidding…still in  my yoga attire) and start cleaning! 

Yes, that is in fact what I will do! 

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