Cute & Simple: The 100th Day of School

It’s elementary, my dear….if you are the parent of a grade-schooler, you may be struggling with the same thing I am: what to send to school with my daughter to mark the 100th day of school.  When I was a kid, no one cared about this milestone, but I guess when it’s the dead of winter here in Chicagoland, you gotta think of something to celebrate, right?! 

We have been talking about this as a family since the notice from school came home in Kate’s backpack.  That was about 2 weeks ago.  You’d think by now we’d have it all figured out–if not done.  But we don’t.  Product Details

Here are the fun ideas that my husband actually came up with: 

  • Titles of 100 books we’ve read
  • 100 pennies
  • 100 breeds of dogs
  • 100 names of occupations
  • 100 exotic vacation ideas
  • 100 words in Kate’s vocabulary
  • 100 words/definitions from the dictionary
  • 100 pieces of macaroni
  • Names of 100 people Kate has interacted with in her life
  • Pictures of 100 people (real photos + catalog/magazine)

She doesn’t like any of them.  She wants to take 100 Orbeez to school…the soft, slippery, clear orbs of…what??!  I don’t even know.  I am sure we have at least 100 of them.  I could send her to school with a mess of Orbeez and it would probably be a hit with the kids (not so the teacher) and it would be totally unoriginal and totally uneducational. 

Of course, being the book girl that I am, I’ve been voting for the 100 titles of books Kate has read (with help). She wants no part in it.  I have a dilemma: I could just let her take the annoyingly cute and fun Orbeez to school and it would be done.  Easy.  Minimal parent involvement.  Or I could send her to school with 100 title of books that I type out on the computer and adhere to these tiny wood craft shapes with rubber cement (ah, rubber cement…sniff) and it would be original and educational and maximal parental involvement

So I ask again: Do I take the “easy way out,” or do I go for nerdy, hand-on parent and spend a cold snowy Super Bowl weekend with 100 wood chips? 

I’m gonna be the nerd and go all out.  Sorry kid, did I say you had a choice in the matter? 

Have fun being crafty this weekend–and Go Steelpacks!   

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