The Teacher is Talking
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The Teacher is Talking: Busy parents, busy kids…what they really want

By Leslie Lindsay

You got kids, you’re busy.  Hands down.  Kids +  parents = busy, there is no getting around that.

Just this morning, I was chatting with a mom at Pre-K drop-off, “It’s so hard being a mom these days,” we mused.  “Not only do we have all of the day-to-day things to deal with, but we also have our work-from-home jobs, too.”  (She does some work through her father’s company “on the side,” and I write).  It seems there is so little time in the hours that our kids are away at school (4 hours for the Pre-K program and 6+ for grade-schoolers).  Really, how much “work” can you accomplish in that amount of time?

And what about those household chores that need to get done and are oh-so-much easier to do when the kids aren’t around?  And then this mom says, “And sometimes, I just need a minute to breathe!!”  Yes, we all need downtime…and sleeping shouldn’t count!

Not only do we need to do the household chores, our “other” work, but we also need (and want) to spend time with our kiddos.  Seems like an easy-enough schedule, but when it gets right down to it, it’s darn hard work.

Here’s a link to which tells you what kids really want from their busy parents:

That’s it!  Class dismissed…


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