Fiction Friday
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Fiction Friday: Pregnant with Inspiration

By Leslie Lindsay

Holy bonkers, Batman…it’s been awhile!  Between getting a 2nd grader and kindergartner prepared for back-to-school and breaking up all of their squabbles and bickerfests beforehand, I have been a regular decapitated fowl.  Nevermind, just trying to keep up with the house, the dog, and personal hygiene (oh, too much information, you say…).  So, I am now a happy writer-mama at home with a basset hound as a quiet–unless she’s snoring–companion. 

Product Details (image retrieved from 8.24.12)

I have plans.  I have big plans.  I just finished reading THE BREAK-OUT NOVEL (Maass, 2001) and I am thoroughly enthralled to crank out a break-out book.  If you are just now joining us, I have been working on a novel for about 2 years now.  I know that sounds awfully long, but after reading this book, I think I am right on target.  It takes a while to master the complex art form of the novel.  (In the meantime, I did manage to write and publish a non-fiction book on childhood apraxia of speech, so guess I wasn’t completely slacking). 

The plan is to share with you some of my fiction here on Fiction Fridays.  Feel free to comment, suggest ideas for improvement, or just like it!  Remember: this is original work and not to be borrowed or stolen without first getting permission–or paying me big bucks : )  Here goes: 

“She was young and cute.  Her lithe body propped up on a pub stool in the student union, her backpack resting at her feet.  A laptop opened, a pen in her mouth.  Her hand reached down and touched her tummy.  It was full of baby.” 

Okay–that’s it.  Short and sweet today.  Could this be an opening paragraph? 


  1. Hi Leslie,

    My name is Esther. I found your blog on the future SLPs’ blog. I am glad that you have found your inspiration to write once again. Congrats. I do have a question. Is your previous book on Apraxia available on amazon? If yes, can I add it to my private practice blog at in case any of my parents are interested? Please let me know. Thanks!

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