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Eerie and atmospheric, BEFORE THE DEVIL FELL, is a study of violence, buried secrets, and mysterious happenings–witchcraft–in New England

By Leslie Lindsay 

The critically acclaimed author of THE BLACK PAINTING returns with a deliciously dark and atmopheric suspense for fans of Dennis Lehane and Gillian Flynn’s SHARP OBJECTS. 



Eerily hypnotic and atmospheric, BEFORE THE DEVIL FELL (Hanover Square Press, October 8, 2019) absolutely calls, ‘October,’ with its skepticism, small New England town, spirituality, and the history of witchcraft. 

Just take a look at some of the praise: 

“Equal parts engaging and creepy, this twisty tale deftly examines how secrets and regret can continue to reverberate through generations.”


“The paranormal elements are subtle, gradually creeping in around the edges with unsettling effect. Both mystery and weird fiction fans will be pleased.”

Publishers Weekly

“An appealing, atmospheric yarn.”


A bit about the story:

A reformed flower child, thirty-three-year-old Will Connor’s long-held skepticism has distanced him from his mother and her eccentric collection of friends. While his mother embraced the hippie generation’s exploration of spirituality and withcraft, Will dismissed their fascination with New Age as arcane. But now he must return home to care for his aging mother and realizes there might be more than meets the eye. A friend from his mother’s ‘spirit circles’ mysteriously died when Will was a child. Could something more disturbing be at play?

Buried secrets.


Dark and atmospheric. 

“A complex tale with a greatly atmospheric plot and unknown twist”Mystery Tribune

“A suspenseful, atmospheric and eerie tale.”Megan Chance, author of A Drop of Ink

IMG_4888 (1).jpg

[Artistic photo of book cover designed and photographed by me, L. Lindsay. Follow on Instagram for more like this]

For more information, to connect with Neil Olson, or to purchase a copy of BEFORE THE DEVIL FELL, please visit: 

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Neil Olson credit Jill SwchwartzmanABOUT THE AUTHOR: Neil Olson is the author of THE ICON, a novel of art theft and family intrigue, and the play DEALERS. His second novel, THE BLACK PAINTING, concerning the unsolved theft of a haunted self-portrait by Goya, was published in January 2018. He lives in New York City with his wife and cat, and works in the publishing industry.




You can connect with me, Leslie Lindsay, via these websites: 



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[Cover and author image courtesy of HarperCollins/Hanover Square Press and used with permission. Artistic photo of cover designed and photographed by L.Lindsay. Follow on Instagram for more like this]. 



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