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Written by a nurse, illustrated by a 15-year old, and sung by a quartet of musicians, THE TEENSY WEENSY VIRUS is a fun, hands-on way to talk with children about the pandemic

By Leslie Lindsay 

Embracing the latest science, The Teensy Weensy Virus pairs simple, kid-friendly explanations with bright, colorful illustrations.



Children‘s literature

COVID-19 is a big deal—but with all that adults have to worry about, it’s easy to overlook the pandemic’s impact on children. This book provides a great way for parents and caregivers to introduce and reinforce the importance of safety measures to children, while giving kids the opportunity to ask questions and share their feelings.

Written and designed by a pediatric nurse practitioner with expertise on the other end of the spectrum: palliative care, Sherri Rose is well-versed in health, medicine, and children. Plus, what I really love is how THE TEENSY WEENSY VIRUS offers additional resources for adults and an informative song. This helps lighten the mood as families engage with this serious topic.

I love the bright, bold illustrations, the sing-song-y lilt of this story, plus the playful nature and child-adult bonding that’s sure to happen. For all of those reasons, THE TEENSY WEENSY VIRUS is the perfect book to pair with your speech-language needs, particularly children and families on the apraxia journey.


Tip: Sometimes children can sing before they can speak. Music allows rhythm and movement, and lend especially well with hand motions like that of the ‘itsy-bitsy spider,’ which this story is modeled after. 

For more information for how to incorporate books and music into your apraxia journey, please see the Speaking of Apraxia page on this website, or refer to SPEAKING OF APRAXIA: A Parents’ Guide to Childhood Apraxia of Speech (Woodbine House, 2020). 

“A soothing story that helps children understand the new world of COVID-19. It provides them with simple, proven steps for taking appropriate precautions, and will ease the anxiety that has accompanied this pandemic. An added benefit is the resource list provided for parents to learn more facts about this new disease.”
—Helen Ragazzi, MD, FAAP with twenty-four years of experience as a pediatrician

For more information, to connect with Sherri Rose, or to purchase a copy of THE TEENSY WEENSY VIRUS, please visit:


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sherri-roseABOUT THE AUTHOR:

​Sherri L. Rose grew up in Richmond, Virginia. As a retired pediatric and family nurse practitioner, as well as a hospice and palliative care nurse, she recognizes the critical importance of helping children understand what is happening during the pandemic that is currently sweeping the globe. COVID-19 has created so much stress, anxiety, grief, and loss for adults—imagine what children must think but be unable to express!

Inspired by her concerns for the smallest among us—as well as by her own significant grief over not being able to hug her grandchildren during quarantine—Sherri began to write this book to help preschoolers understand what’s going on and why all of us have to follow new rules. As a mother of three daughters and three stepdaughters, as well as a grandmother to seven, she hopes that the resources found in this book will be useful to parents and caregivers all over the world. Sherri started writing her memoirs several years prior to the pandemic, but staying at home has been quite a help, providing much more time to complete her writing projects. She plans to sell her Teensy Weensy Virus Book Series internationally, and it is her sincerest hope that her little books can help others better understand the science of, and the importance of staying safe during, this pandemic.

Besides writing, Sherri loves gardening, reading, singing (she participates in her church’s virtual choir), playing the piano, cooking, handwork, and playing Scrabble with her fabulous husband, George. While she loves being at home with her husband, she misses seeing and hugging many of her other family members—like so many others who are attempting to follow the CDC guidelines regarding social distancing during this difficult time.


Leslie Lindsay is the creator and host of the award-winning author interview series,“Always with a Book.” Since 2013, Leslie, named “one of the most influential book reviewers” by Jane Friedman, ranks in the top 1% of all GoodReads reviewers and has conducted over 700 warm, inquisitive conversations with authors as wide-ranging as Robert Kolker and Mary Kubica to Helen Phillips and Mary Beth Keane, making her website a go-to for book lovers world-wide. Her writing & photography have appeared in various print journals and online. She is the award-winning author of SPEAKING OF APRAXIA: A Parents’ Guide to Childhood Apraxia of Speech. A former psychiatric R.N. at the Mayo Clinic, Leslie’s memoir,4E6296D9-881B-44B2-856D-00A0BFAE2C12 MODEL HOME: Motherhood, Madness, & Memory, is currently on submission with Catalyst Literary Management. Leslie resides in the Chicago area with her family.



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