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Fiction Friday: NICKELS ON EYES by Leslie Lindsay

By Leslie Lindsay

I’m honored to share this piece with you, which was inspired by my (late) grandmother’s memory of seeing her baby brother laid out on the dining room table with nickels on his eyes. It’s a harrowing memory, but one that made a searing impression on my then-five-year-old grandmother.

This piece was featured on Flash Frog Literary February 7th, 2022.

Original art by Luis G. Romero

Read Nickels on Eyes HERE.

Oscar sleeps on the porch, on an old sofa. He will eat the stuffing, if he gets hungry enough, he says.

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MODEL HOME: Motherhood, Madness & Memory is ‘making the rounds’ with publishing houses. This book has been in my heart for years. It’s about my mother’s devolve into psychosis when I was 10; the body, mind, houses and homes (she was an interior decorator), our estrangement, breaking the cycle, her suicide, my complex grief.

It’s time for this story to make its way into the world.

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Learn more about MODEL HOME in this Psychology Today Q&A with Caroline Leavitt.

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Author Interviews:

I’m grateful for this essay with Read Her Like an Open Book, which goes into some detail about the authors I’ve hosted over the years as well as my writerly journey. You might like this post I shared in December 2021 about an end-of-an-era

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