Holiday Ho-down 2010
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The Ho-Ho-Ho Down: How much is that gonna cost me?!

Bet you’re winding down the holiday rush–or maybe just beginning–but in just 2 short days, we’ll be celebrating Christmas.  And it all comes with a price-tag.  Sigh…

Have you ever stopped to add up the costs of the festivities?  I mean, really add up the costs?  I’m not just talking gifts here, but all of the things you do for the 30+ or so days surrounding the 25th.  Here’s a break-down of where I think my money has gone.  Don’t ask how much I’ve spent, I don’t know and I really don’t want to.  Ugh.

  • Decorations.  That includes the fresh greenery you picked up at the local farmer’s market and all of that “stuff” you bought at Michaels and Hobby Lobby.
  • Cards.  Add in postage per card, stickers, labels, pens for addressing them, etc.
  • The holiday bash you threw. 
  • The dress/outfit/new shoes/accessories you purchased to attend that holiday party(ies)
  • The hostess gift(s)
  • Holiday attire you purchased for your kids.  Yes, the cute hot cocoa shirt counts, even if it wasn’t used for photos.
  • Black patent leather shoes for the dress your daughter will wear once but would look dumb if she wore her tennis shoes.
  • Santa visiting outfits.  Santa photos.
  • Family photo to go in your holiday card.
  • The new table linens you picked up because company is coming.  Seasonal dishes you just “had to have.”
  • Stocking Stuffers. 
  • Fresh flowers for the table.
  • Gifts
  • Teacher appreciation gifts/neighbors/mailman/hair and nail person
  • Groceries.  Things like sweetened condensed milk and powdered sugar can really add up!
  • All of those festive drinks from Starbucks drive-thru that you needed to “get you in the mood.”
  • “Adult beverages” for dinner, toasting, sharing, whatever…
  • Gift wrap, ribbon/bows, extra tape, gift tags, gift bags…wonder how many trips I’ve made to Hallmark?!  I’m almost a platinum member–really. 
  • Special places and outings you wouldn’t have done otherwise…plays, musicals, light festivals, carriage rides etc. 
  • The YMCA camp you put your kids in during Christmas break because they would drive you bonkers if you didn’t–priceless!  Now that’s what I’m talking about : )

Holy cow.  I know that you are probably considering turing into a Scrooge right about now.  Sigh….really, I don’t want to make you feel bad.  Hopefully, you are spending carefully and are keeping within your means, but I know it’s hard.  Trust, me. 

What it all comes down to is love.  Now, I’m all about celebrating love and family and togetherness.  Even if it costs a little more than I would like to admit. 

As for the remainder of the week:  A brief blog hiatus.  Unless of course, I get the burning desire to plop down in front of my laptop and write away.  Us writers are kind of weird like that.  I may need some writing time between the baking and cleaning and wrapping.  But then again, I may be too wrapped up (ha!) in everyhing else.  If that is the case, I wish you all a wonderful and blessed holiday. 

I plan to be back blogging by Monday the 27th

Cheers–Merry Christmas–Happy Kwanza–Happy Channukah–and Happy New Year! 

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