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Cute & Simple: Designing a Year-End Keepsake

I don’t know about you, but when my ex-kindergartner bounded off the bus for the last time this past school year, I was suddenly laden with papers, projects, and memories of the school year. 

Sure, some are better than others, so I carefully culled through the pile extracting my favorites, therefore winnowing the collection to something a bit more manageable.  And now–well, I am in the process of arranging them in a book.  It’s one of those “pre-made” scrapbooks from Hallmark.  I found it on sale a year or more ago for something absurdly cheap.  I snatched it up.  I kept it for this purpose. 

What’s inside? 

  • Name, school attended, grade
  • First day of school memories
  • Information and photo of teacher
  • Information about classmates (photos, how many, why I like, who I like)
  • Stuff in my desk, who I sit by, what I like most about my desk
  • Favorite subjects and why…favorite unit (Kate’s was the baby chick unit)
  • School holiday celebrations (add photos)
  • Field Trips (add photos)
  • Birthday Party if celebrated at school
  • Last Day of school information/field day (add photos)
  • Samples of work and projects

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But you don’t have to rush to the Hallmark store just yet.  In fact, if you do–you’ll probably be out of luck.  I am not sure if they make these style of books anymore, and I certainly wouldn’t think you’d get a very good deal on it in June.  You can, however make your own.  Michaels has been selling their large scrapbooks for a totally inexpensive $2.99.  Why not get one of those and type up your own headings, or use stickers to make your own end of year keepsake?  Recruit your child’s help when she starts to sing, “Mooommm, I’m bored!” 

You can also take this opportunity to interview her–pretend you are a news reporter and ask her questions about her school year.  You can have her write them down on a piece of paper you type up in a fill-in-the-blank style, or videotape her answering them.  Older kiddos may enjoy creating their own “newspaper” or newsletter in which they are the interviewee AND the reporter…”Kate Lindsay is a Kindergartner no more.  You see, she just completed her full-day kindergarten school year,” says her teacher, Mrs. Carlson.  Great for working on those creative writing skills, and the “5 W’s” (who, what, when, where, why…how?).  It also works on grammar and story organization. 

If you are a little more tech-y and want to spend a little more $$, then check out for some slick-looking photo books with a school theme. 

Do it now, while the memories are still fresh! 

For now, I’m sticking with something easy.  Let me know what you decide to do by dropping me a line,

Happy Weekend and Happy Crafting!








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