Cute & Simple (Friday)
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Cute & Simple: Alliterate Your Daily Schedule

By Leslie Lindsay

I don’t know about you, but I am still working out the kinks of the fall schedule.  It’s challenging, and I know you know this…two kids, two different schools, two different sets of friends, a house, a mom and a dad.   We all have our own sense of how the week should go, our own hobbies and interests, and well…it’s a complicated process to make sure everyone’s needs and wants get satisfied.  So, for cute and simple Friday, I am presenting some back-of-the-magazine unconventional scheduling….

  • MONDAY:  Meijer Monday, Messy Monday (after all of that football stuff on Sunday), Meatless Monday (eat vegetarian for a day)


  • TUESDAY:  Target Tuesday, Toy Trade Tuesday, Toss-it-all Tuesday (clean out the fridge, pantry, dresser), Tackle it on Tuesday (folks claim Tuesday is the day to make a dent in your to-do list), Trash-and-toilets Tuesday (especially handy if your trash pick-up day is Wednesday), Taco Tuesday…


  • WEDNESDAY:  Wal-Mart Wednesday, Wegman’s Wednesday, Wonderful Wednesday (for doing all of those things you love to do??), Weed-walk Wednesday (walk around your yard and pull weeds), Weiner Wednesday (eat hotdogs), Wheat-free Wednesday (go gluten-free), Wacky Wednesday (wear whatever feels good even if it is a little wacky), Waffle Wedneday, Write on Wednesday, Whack-your-kid Wednesday (just joking)…


  • THURSDAY:  Thrifty Thurday (do free or low-cost things only), Thankful Thurday, Thirsty Thurday (treat yourself to a special drink), Trail-walk Thursday (find a new trail, forest preserve, etc. to explore)


  • FRIDAY:  Firepit Friday (our family’s fave…complete with s’mores and stars), Field Trip Friday (explore something fun and local), Fiesta Friday (have a little celebration), Fatty-food Friday, Fatblaster Friday (cardio class), Friendship Friday (invite a friend to join you to do whatever…)


  • SATURDAY:  Sleep-over Saturday, Sleep-in Saturday (wishful thinking), Swap-it-out Saturday (trade out toys, clothes, etc in your kids’ stash), Seashore Saturday (I wish…), Sardines-on-your-pizza Saturday, S’mores and Stars Saturday…


  • SUNDAY: Slug-around Sunday…start-all-over-Sunday

Happy Weekend! 

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