The Teacher is Talking
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The Teacher is Talking: Self-Awareness, a Quiz (from “The Winner’s Brain”)

By Leslie Lindsay

Here’s a new milestone:  This is my 501 st blog post!  Wow.  That’s a lot of blogging since 2009.  If you are new to the blog, welcome and thanks for reading!

I blog daily, Monday thru Friday on various topics related to kids, parenting, education, childhood apraxia of speech (CAS), crafting, and more. 

Tuesdays are “The Teacher is Talking” and today marks #2 in a series of tips and ideas you can use for your noggin, from “The Winner’s Brain.”   (that is, making it just a wee bit better than it was, say yesterday).  Last week, I blogged on this topic,and a representative from Harvard University Press “found” the post and contacted me.  She generously offered to send me a couple of copies of “The Winner’s Brain” (2010) for a lucky blog reader (or two) to win!  You just never know what will come of your blogging.  Details to follow on how to get one of those copies.

For today, we will talk about “Win Factor #1: Self-Awareness.” 

What is “Self-awareness,” other than being aware of who you are?  From the book, “a well-developed self-awareness makes you more effective in your relationships, your job, and every aspect of your life….you are more aware of how you relate to the rest of the world and how the rest of the world relates to you….by becoming self-aware, you gain insight into why things happen to you the way they do–and how you can increse the chances of creating circumstances favorable to success.”

Boost Your BrainPower:  When you understand your talents and limitations, your self-awareness is increased.  When you have a sense of what motivates you, you tend to choose activities that keep you going.

So, do you know yourself the way others do (public versus real-self)?  Take this quick quiz and see.  Answer quickly and honestly.  Ask a friend or spouse to do the same–about you–and then compare answers.  If there is a large discrepancy between what you think and what they think, then your public and private self may not be congruent.  Ready?!  Go!

1.  Do/Would you trust me with a secret?

2.  Could you call me if you had an emergency

3.  What’s the strongest factor that makes me a good friend?

4.  Do you think I easily forgive people or am I a grudge holder?

5.  What does my nonverbal language say to others?

6.  Am I am optimist or pessimist?

7.  What do you get tired of me talking about?

8.  What do you notice that I do when I am feeling uncomfortable or nervous?

9.  What one word do you think describes me best?

Okay…Class dismissed! Stay tuned for details on how to get a FREE copy of “The Winner’s Brain” by Drs. Fenske and Brown (Harvard University Press, 2010).

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