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Musings & Meanderings: Does a writer need a room of her own? How about two desks? Plus: where to submit, what I do with the books I review,

By Leslie Lindsay

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Leslie Lindsay|Always with a Book


Hello, Friends!

I bought a desk. Another one. Because what writer needs two desks? Apparently, this one.

For months I avoided my messy office in lieu of working at the kitchen table (chaos, distraction), or maybe going to the coffee shop (not a bad alternative if I had the time), but then fall hit and it was like–bam!–I gotta do something about this junky office.

In all reality, it wasn’t that bad. But it was cluttered and there might have been a cobweb or two in the corners–eek! Scraps of paper with scrawled notes and ‘good lines,’ were everywhere. Notecards with scenes were taped to the wall. Cords were strung everywhere to illuminate spaces and power the heater. I know: it’s not winter. That’s how long it’s been.

There was a real, psychological reason I wasn’t in my creating space. I was burned out. It was a fallow season. The ideas were percolating and my mind was conjuring ideas for next steps.

At Hudson Design House

I was out and about at one of my favorite home decor stores and there she was: my new desk. I snapped her up, along with three antique glass window/shutters. I hung those babies up on my wall, cleaned, polished, purged, and it really looks good now.

One desk is decidedly for laptop work: writing on the computer, responding to emails, creating graphics, formatting interviews, editing…all of that stuff.

The other desk is my creative space. No computer. No phone. Just a space. For doodling, journaling, brainstorming, drawing, collaging, reading, and taking notes by hand.

My goal is to toggle between both desks at different times of the day for different tasks. I might start with my creative/blank slate desk and then mosey over to my laptop after I have satisfied my own creativity.

What do you think about this two-desk concept?

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~Leslie : )

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Ask the Booknerd:

“I’ve always been curious: what do you do with all the books you review?”

–Curious about your books

Dear Curious:

(a) I have a booming business on the black market.

(b) I re-gift them.

(c) I turn them into art/crafts

(d) They become kitty litter

(e) I give away/donate/pass on

(f) All of the above

(g) Some of the above

(h) None of the above


Many of the books I keep. They are lovely and inspiring and I am surrounded by books all the time. On occasion, I will pass one along to a friend. Some virtually brand-new (gently read) copies, I may become a gift to a friend, along with a gift card to a coffee shop. Some books end up in Little Free Libraries. And more than a few are displayed cover-out at home because they are so beautiful and go with my decor. I’ve turned a few into art by folding the pages and doing something fun with them. I don’t have a cat, so no kitty litter. And yeah…no one is getting rich from black market books.

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Some Writing Opportunities:

  • Nimrod International is interested in reading your fiction, poetry, and CNF for their themed issue, “Body Language,” which really encompasses a lot…open till October 1 for the spring 2023 issue.
  • Literary Mama is open year-round for work by both established and emerging writers about the complexities of motherhood. “We believe in a wide-ranging understanding of motherhood as experienced through multiple lenses and bodies.”
  • Cobalt Review would like your poetry, CNF, Fiction, and more.
  • Tahoma Review is reading for their Spring 2023 edition. There’s a fee to submit, but they are seeking flash, CNF, poetry, critique, more, through October 16.
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I’ll be sharing my published interviews here, after they’ve ‘gone live’ with their various publications.

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What I’m reading:

I am between books. Don’t worry; it won’t last long. I’m going to take my own advice and read a ‘book bundle.’ This one will get me prepared for an October Writing Retreat in Oregon.

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What I’m listening to:

White noise. It’s been a long week or two. Life is noisy. Maybe not in volume (but that’s true, too), but in ‘stuff,’ ‘bombarding’ us at all times–pings and dog barks, car horns, and traffic. White noise is soothing.

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Some of you have been reading my reviews, interviews, and meanderings for more than a decade now. That’s huge and I am so humbled. Thanks for being here.

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